Yoara design

Yoara jewellery is inspired by the wilderness, the occult, primitive arts and forests. All with a dark twist. Life is too short to be boring and to remain in a cage. Break free, howl at the moon and leave conformity.

Jewellery holds the power to be a point of focus. It serves as a tool to remind us about our common heritage. To use a Yoara creation is to celebrate your inner wildling. It is a compass of the wild while navigating in concrete jungles, office deserts or other unhuman environments.

The shaman punk style is a fusion of my interests in the occult and dark alternative music. I hope that this planet can be a little more wild and free with the creations that I make.

Materials used are often bones. No animals are killed to become parts of the jewellery. All animal parts are road kills, left over from small farms or gifts from hunters; things that otherwise would have been wasted. To use these parts is a way of honoring the animal and bring beauty back from death. A part of an endless cycle. This is very important to me.

Behind Yoara is Maria Kindgren, living in a small village in southern Sweden. Creating otherwordly jewellery since 2008.

Yoara visits festivals such as Wave Gotik Treffen, Castle Fest, Gamrocken, Gefle Metal Festival amongst many other markets and fairs.

Welcome to my universe